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The philosophy of preservative-free

URSATEC Verpackung GmbH is dedicated to support the global cosmetics and health care industry in avoiding preservatives in any kind of product. Health care administrations recommend the development of preservative-free products worldwide.

“The packaging should be designed to restrict the ingress of contaminants ...ˮ
Cosmetics Europe: Guidelines on Microbial Quality Management, 1997

Finished products including aseptic filling

Dual micro­biological protection

Dual micro­biological protection

The COMFORT®-System is an airless dosage system for the delivery of preservative-free cosmetic preparations. Microbiological safety is guaranteed by the distinctive construction of the unique COMFORT®-Pump and the special bag-in-bottle container. The inner bag gradually folds up as the negative pressure increases when more and more product is withdrawn.

  • Protective devices
  • Aseptic filling
  • Oxygen barrier
URSATEC preservative-free cosmetics, our COMFORT®-System

Pure cosmetics for healthy beauty

A study with the title Exploring the Territory of Natural & Organic Cosmetics commissioned by NATRUE, an international non-profit association committed to protecting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide, was carried out in order to find out more about consumer expectations and to provide a general understanding of said products.

In this survey, 87% of the respondents with allergies said that the potential harmfulness of ingredients is an important factor in their purchasing decision.

The study also found, that 94% of all women believed that cosmetics should not contain artificial or chemical ingredients!

  • Ultra sensitive skin care
  • Organic products
  • Natural cosmetics
URSATEC preservative-free cosmetics, our finished product filled in a spray


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